Icecomm is shutting down

We started Icecomm to empower developers to add P2P video chat and data powered by WebRTC to their site with in a few lines of JavaScript.

We built Angular directives and React mixins (remember those) to help make it even easier.

We inadvertently created the first Hacker News Chatroulette, topped Hacker News and saw developers around the world experimenting with the power of P2P video and data.

But as we were supporting Icecomm, Codesmith, where we teach software engineering, was taking off. Maintaining Icecomm became more and more of a challenge. In November 2016 we decided we had to shut Icecomm down.

We loved sharing Icecomm with you all - from FluentJS to Pivotal Labs. Thank you so much for being part of our community. We would now recommend you take a look at SimpleWebRTC - it is an awesome alternative.

The Icecomm Team